Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is as important as having one

WordPress, Plugin, PHP updates, website backup, and premium security

Ever wondered about the significance of website maintenance? Picture yourself residing in an opulent house filled with valuable possessions – would you leave it unattended? Certainly not. Just as you ensure the safety of your home, website maintenance operates on a similar principle.

It involves the regular updating of plugins, themes, core files, WordPress, and PHP, providing an additional layer of security. Neglecting proper maintenance and website security exposes your site to constant risks, as various bots, spyware, and viruses often target sites lacking adequate security measures.

Enter The Ny Designs, your solution to this predicament. Our monthly website maintenance packages are designed to keep your site updated and safeguarded, shielding it from the threats posed by bots and viruses.

Updates to WordPress files and Plugins

In current times, WordPress sites are the most common and popular. WordPress offers a great deal of security. With that said, they need to be regularly updated and maintained to keep the website secure.

Daily back up of your website

As per the package, we will back up your site daily/weekly/monthly. In case of a site crash, we can install the site to a previous backup when it was working fine.
In case of any malware attack or a hack, you’ll always have a back-up ready to go live in minutes.

Is it necessary to have website maintenance?

You always have the option to say ‘NO’ to website maintenance but we do not favor this.

If any issue arises in the future like your website gets attacked or crashed for some reason. You’re on your own and might end up paying a lot more money to fix it than the maintenance.

If you partner with Ny Designs for a maintenance plan. Then we will fix your website as part of the maintenance package you choose.

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