Midwest Slip Stop is the leader in floor safety installing non-slip flooring systems throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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#1 PROPER PREP WORK: Before any of our floor coating systems are applied, we ensure that the surface is properly prepped. We cannot stress this part enough after coming across many floor systems failing after only a few years. We start every job by roughing up the surface using our precision diamond grinders which simultaneously remove any existing coatings or contaminates if present. This process ensures that the coating will properly adhere to the concrete and not peel up over time. Any cracks or chips are properly repaired with an advanced slurry formulation. Moisture tests are also conducted by our technicians onsite to determine whether a vapor barrier is necessary before application.

HEPA Filter System: Dust control is very important during the preparation of the substrate. Airborne dust particles are potentially harmful, so it is essential to have a professional-grade dust collection system to maintain air quality. HEPA-type (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are the Rolls Royce when it comes to vacuums. Every single diamond grinder we own is connected to a HEPA dust extraction system during prep work.

Durability: Engineered for commercial and industrial applications. Intended for floors subject to heavy foot traffic and constant exposure to forklifts. Formulated for extreme abrasion, UV stability, temperature, wear, chemical, and impact resistance. Up to 14,500 psi (Compressive Strength)

Cleanable: Resistant to staining and can be quickly cleaned with a broom, mop, squeegee, scrub brush, or any floor scrubbing machine.

Anti-microbial: Designed to promote good health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi. This is achieved by creating a non-porous, seamless coated surface which prevents absorption for microbial growth.

Safety: Floor coatings can become very slippery when wet which is why we ensure that all of our coatings are installed with safety in mind. Our technicians are equipped with slip meters to ensure that proper traction levels are achieved for the organization’s needs. Since each organization is unique and has exposure to different contaminants in their work field, we have experienced floor safety directors who will ensure that the best flooring system is chosen properly for each unique setting. We offer a variety of textured finishes or non-slip aggregate profiles for all of our coating systems.

Aesthetic Improvements: With a myriad of color and texture options to choose from, coatings can be light or dark, variegated or uniform.

Versatile: When properly prepped and installed our floor coating systems can cover wood, concrete, VCT, tile, and most other typical industrial and commercial floors.

VOC free: Volatile Organic Compound free- CA 01350 air quality compliant. Our floor coating systems DO NOT release (VOCs) into the atmosphere resulting in strong odors during installation not to mention a toxic impact on the environment.

Documentation: Our floor coating systems will keep your organization in compliance with OSHA and give you many years of traction. The slip resistance will surpass guidelines recommended by ADA/OSHA for floor safety significantly reducing the risks of unnecessary slip and fall accidents. A (COF) Test Data Report and Certificate of Service is issued after installation.


Rest assured, your privacy is protected with us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization.


Google Reviews

Great company to work with! Our shower and bathroom floor has always been a bit slippery. I have nearly felled a few times, as a precaution called these guys after a neighbor told me about them. Quality work, great prices, and very friendly staff! I’d recommend this company to anyone that has a slip issue.
Mary T

Had a few problematic areas at our facility, called these guys up and couldn’t be happier with the results. You can really feel the difference in slip resistance after their service.
Michelle B

I work with Midwest Slip Stop a lot as I am a property manager. These guys only focus on providing safety services. Any slippery floor, bathtub, pool deck, tile, etc. These guys will make it slip-proof. Great experience and results every time.
Bob Montoya

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Midwest Slip Stop provides warranties with every service. Floors are analyzed and tested before treatment is started. A written report showing COF results before and after treatment are issued to protect your organization in the event of an incident. You will also receive a certificate of service including a comparison with ADA/OSHA recommended guidelines for floor safety.




Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents
by choosing a proactive floor coating for your facility.

Stone Treatments

Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents on any mineral surface such as tile by increasing the COF rating. Not a Coating!

Floor Testing

Stay proactive by measuring the COF rating of your floor surface to ensure your organization meets ADA/OSHA recommended guidelines for floor safety.

Safety Line Striping

Help maintain productivity and improve. Safety through good traffic flow optimization.